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Animal Protection Lawyer Yakima

Get Help from a Yakima Animal Protection Attorney Today

At Justice Law Yakima, our animal protection lawyer in Yakima is an experienced, compassionate, and knowledgeable advocate for clients. Our firm handles a full range of animal rights and animal protection cases. If you have questions about animal law, we are here as a legal resource. For a fully confidential initial appointment with a top Washington animal protection attorney, please contact our Yakima law office today.

An Overview of Animal Protection Legal Services We Provide in Yakima, Washington

Animal law is a legal practice area focused on the statutes, regulations, and case law governing animal rights and animal protection. Justice Law Yakima is a full service law firm committed to providing solutions-focused legal guidance and support to clients. We handle a wide array of animal law and animal protection matters in the Yakima Valley and throughout Central Washington. Along with other types of cases, we assist clients with the following:

Dog attorney: Dogs have earned their reputation as man’s best friend. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) reports that dogs are the most commonly owned pet nationwide—with more than 48 million households owning a dog. Our Yakima dog attorney protects the rights of canines and their owners. Whether your animal is accused of being a dangerous dog or you are dealing with another legal matter, we can help.

Animals and divorce: Divorce is complicated. Dealing with dogs, cats, and other pets/animals can be a highly contested matter in a divorce. In Washington State, all pets are considered personal property for the purposes of a divorce and are subject to the community property standard (RCW 26.16.030). If you have questions about your rights or options, a Yakima divorce attorney with experience handling animal-related issues can help.

Animal abuse: Animal abuse is a terrible thing. All animals deserve fair and humane treatment. Our Yakima animal abuse attorney has experience handling a wide range of animal abuse cases. We can help you determine the best path forward.

Veterinary malpractice: You trust a licensed veterinarian to provide high quality, competent professional care. You may have a legal claim against a veterinarian who fails to live up to their professional duties. Contact our Yakima veterinary malpractice attorney today to set up a completely confidential review of your case.

How Our Yakima Animal Protection Lawyer Can Help

Animal rights matter. A dog, cat, or other animal can become a member of the family. Our managing attorney Kelly Murray has the specialized knowledge and experience to handle a full range of animal protection matters. No matter your circumstances, we are ready to take proactive measures to protect your interests. your More specifically, our Yakima animal protection attorney will:

Listen to your story and answer questions about animal law

Investigate the matter—gathering documents, records, and evidence

Take whatever action is needed to protect your legal rights and your animal

How Our Yakima DUI Defense Lawyer Can Protect Your Rights

There are few things more stressful or frightening than being arrested and charged with an intoxicated driving offense. It is imperative that you take proactive steps to protect your rights, your license, and your freedom. Our founder and managing attorney, Kelly Murray is committed to personalized representation. Among other things, our Yakima DUI defense attorney is prepared to:

Conduct a thorough, no obligation review of the case

Investigate the arrest and the charge, gathering all relevant evidence

Develop a comprehensive strategy to protect your rights and your freedom

Get Help from Our Yakima, WA Animal Protection Attorney Today

At Justice Law Yakima, our Yakima animal protection lawyer has the skills, experience, and legal knowledge you can rely on in a complex case. If you have concerns about animal protection, we can help. Call us at 509-494-8590 or send us a direct message to arrange a confidential initial consultation. From our Yakima law office, we serve communities throughout Central Washington.