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Family Law Attorney Yakima

We Provide Family Law Support in Yakima and Throughout Central Washington

At Justice Law Yakima, our family law attorney in Yakima is an experienced, compassionate, and reliable advocate for clients. Our law firm is here to be the guide to the justice and stability that you deserve. If you have any concerns about family law, we are here to help you find the best path forward. For a completely private case evaluation with a Central Washington family lawyer, please contact our Yakima law office today.

We Provide Solutions-Driven Family Law Support in Yakima, WA

Family is of the utmost importance. At Justice Law Yakima, we are a full-service family law firm that provides solutions-oriented legal guidance and support to clients in Yakima County and throughout Central Washington. Along with other types of family law matters, our attorney has experience with:

– Divorce: Getting divorce is hard. Our Yakima attorney has experience with contested and uncontested divorce cases. If you are preparing to end a marriage, our Yakima divorce lawyer can help.

– Property Division: Dividing property is one of the most challenging aspects of the divorce process. Our Yakima family lawyer can help you navigate Washington’s community property standard.

– Spousal Support (Alimony): During or after a divorce, one spouse may entitled to ongoing financial support (alimony). Washington grants alimony on a case-by-case basis. It is not guaranteed by law.

– Child Custody: For parents who share young kids, divorce or separation can be especially complicated. Our Yakima child custody lawyer can help you navigate the best interests of the child legal standard.

Child Support: A parent who lacks primary physical custody of a child generally has a duty to provide financial support. Our Yakima child support attorney represents parents in all types of cases.

– Adoption: Considering adoption? Our Yakima family lawyer has the professional skills and family law experience to help families with the full range of adoption issues.

– Domestic Violence: Unfortunately, domestic violence remains a serious problem. These are complex, sensitive matters that can have family law implications. Our Yakima family law attorney has experience with domestic violence issues.

Why Rely On the Family Lawyer at Justice Law Yakima

Family law issues should always be better handled with the highest level of care and sensitivity. Our founder and attorney, Kelly Murray, is an experienced, diligent, and reliable family law advocate. 

We are committed to personalized representation. When you contact our Yakima law office, you will have an opportunity to consult with a Washington family law attorney who can:

– Listen to your story and answer any family law questions;

– Investigate your family law issues—gathering and organizing any relevant information;

– Take care of the family law paperwork and represent you in legal proceedings; and

– Craft a comprehensive and personalized strategy to get you the best outcome.

Contact Our Yakima Family Law Attorney Today

At Justice Law Yakima, our Yakima family law attorney is committed to helping clients find amicable, effective solutions that truly meet their needs. If you have any questions about your case, we are here to help. Contact us today for a fully confidential initial legal consultation. With an office in Yakima, we provide solutions-focused family law representation throughout Central Washington.