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Yakima Paternity Attorney

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At Justice Law Yakima, our Yakima paternity lawyer is a compassionate, experienced, and solutions-forward advocate for parents. With the expertise to represent both mothers and fathers, we help clients navigate the full range of paternity cases. If you are locked in any type of paternity dispute, we are here to help you protect your rights and interests. For a confidential, no obligation consultation with a top Washington family law attorney, please contact our Yakima law office today.

What is Paternity?

As explained by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, paternity refers to the legal relationship between a father and a child. Establishing paternity is essential for several reasons. A man has no parental rights nor any parental responsibilities in Washington without paternity. It is legal parentage. Once paternity is established, the father can be named on the child’s birth certificate, held accountable for child support, and seek custody & visitation rights.

An Overview of the Ways to Establish Paternity in Washington State

There are a number of different ways to establish paternity in Washington State. How paternity can (and should) be established in Yakima depends on a number of different factors, including whether or not the mother and putative father can work together. The four most common ways to establish paternity in Washington include: 

– Marriage (paternity is presumed);
– Voluntary Acknowledgment (both parents must agree);
– Genetic DNA testing—which can lead to an administrative finding of paternity; and
– A paternity lawsuit.

We Handle the Full Range of Paternity Cases in Yakima, WA

We are a family law firm devoted to providing comprehensive legal representation to parents. We represent both mothers and fathers and we handle the full spectrum of paternity matters. Along with other types of paternity cases, our Yakima attorneys can assist you with:

– Proving a man is the father of your child;
– Proving that you are the father of your child;
– Custody and visitation representation; and
– Collecting child support.

How Yakima Paternity Lawyer Kelly Murray Can Help

Paternity cases are complicated. Our founder and lead attorney Kelly Murray is an experienced paternity lawyer with a commitment to helping parents find solutions that work best for their specific situation. When you contact our Yakima office, you have a chance to speak to a Washington family attorney who can:

– Hear your story and answer questions about Washington paternity law;
– Gather and organize all of the documents/records you need to move forward;
– Represent you in any settlement discussions with your co-parent; and
– Take whatever legal action is needed to establish and/or protect your parental rights. 

Contact Our Yakima, WA Paternity Lawyer Today

At Justice Law Yakima, our Yakima paternity lawyer is standing by, ready to help you protect your rights and interests. If you have any questions about paternity, we are here to help. Contact us today to set up your confidential initial appointment. From our Yakima law office, we provide paternity representation throughout all of Central Washington.